Priya Rackoff

I'm Priya! Welcome!

I am a coach, teacher, mentor and guide. My journey through life has brought me to a place of passionately wanting all of us women to have lives that are fulfilling and empowered, and to have the support we need for the journey to wholeness. Towards this vision I offer my trainings in Compassionate Communication Mastery, Embodiment Movement Integration, and Personal Coaching for Transformation,
and this website/blog which is designed as a resource for your growth.
In this moment my question for you is.....

"Do you have a "YES" for yourself?"

Did I hear "YES!...but?"..Well..

I'd like you to have a big "YES" for yourself!

Meet with me for a "Say Yes to Yourself" Ignition Session and find your "YES"!

At no cost to you!

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...feeling tender and a bit shy...I want you to know that...

I can help you find your "YES" for yourself.

My respectful, loving and exquisitely sensitive deep listening and guidance together with my extensive professional training in psychology, healing and personal growth, and the wisdom of a well-seasoned mature life create an emotionally safe space for you to connect deeply with yourself.

Perhaps you'd find it helpful to first hear me interview others or listen to what I have to say on some related topics! Check out my Podcasts HERE